International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2010

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With International Talk Like a Pirate Day just around the corner on September 19th, we thought we’d supply you with plenty of pirate speak to get you through the day. Here’s some everyday examples that might come into play for you. Be sure to read these all in your best pirate voice!

Are you attending that party this evening?

In Pirate: Will ye be swashbucklin’ ’round Stubby’s tonight? I heard tell his ‘fridge be o’erflowing with the lager. And lager light.

Check, please.

In Pirate: Fetch me me check. Son of a biscuit eater! I be out o’ doubloons.

I need to check my email.

In Pirate: Yarr! Me e-messages! They be waitin’ fer me. And likely full of the web scalllywags that be known as spam.

Can I borrow a dollar?

In Pirate: Avast! Give me that! Me credit be in the briny deep.

My cell phone is dead.

In Pirate: Arrr! Me cell phone be walkin’ the plank. So many text messages be in the depths of Davy Jones’ locker!

I got lost because of all the road construction.

In Pirate: I be cursed by Land Poseidon and the orange barrel Sirens. Yarr! Land ships, they be backed up for blocks and blocks.

My paycheck just showed up today!

In Pirate: Me well-earned booty is finally here! The sweet trade be paying off. To the nearest swaggy merchant! Ahoy!

Your fly is down.

In Pirate: Me matey, your pantaloons entrance be as open as the rolling sea! And now your face be growin’ rosy.

What is that perfume? It smells nice.

In Pirate: Ahoy! You be not stinkin’ with the smell of rotting fish and body odor. What be your devilish secret?

To really make it a great Talk Like a Pirate Day, you can also accessorize pirate-style. Rub on tattoos and eye-patches are always a nice touch. If you are hardcore, you can try your luck at a hook hand. Just refrain from driving and make sure you remove it when using the bathroom or taking out your contacts.

Have a fantastic Talk Like a Pirate Day! Remember to really lay into your R’s and make the best/worst pirate jokes you can think of. Yarrr!

Give us your own favorite pirate translations below.

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